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Friday, September 23, 2022

Back to the sea.
Saturday 10th September - Utrecht to Electra


As is our usual habit, we had only the vaguest of plans for the next few days and we hoped something would become a bit clearer as we went along, but since we happened to be in the Netherlands we thought we may as well make the most of it.   

The Netherlands is not a very big country in fact if there were any hills at all one could probably see all of it from the top of one of them, but there aren’t, so we had to make a phone call so that we find Ron and Robin on the good ship Tiara.  A few hours of driving and the world’s worst motorway lunch later we arrived in the region of Groningen and a little hamlet called Electra which is so tiny and so obscure that only people who are born there or who have friends staying there on a boat actually know it exists.

If it helps at all it’s quite near a pretty little village called Zoutkamp which for what that's worth was once a sconce (whatever that is) before becoming a pretty little fishing village housing at least one supermarket with enough supplies in stock to last four people a day or two.  

Through the miracle of time travel, and being rather a long way behind in daily updates, today’s photograph was taken next Monday when we returned by boat.


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Don said...

We always joked that the tallest hills in The Netherlands were the motorway overpasses.

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