Legends from our own lunchtimes

Friday, September 16, 2022

..and so to bed under an actual roof!
Wednesday 7th September - Diksmuide

As things turned out, our decision to spend a night. or two in a B&B instead of amid the chaos as was our usual habit, was entirely serendipitous.  

Not only had it encouraged us to get all of the last minute cleaning things in order well before the last minute, but the day turned into one of those chilly-damp with sunny patches kinds of days that would have made things quite unpleasant, and the joy of a having walk-around bed, and a walk-around shower with almost unlimited hot water to visit at the end of the day cannot be overstated, 

We managed by some sort of good fortune to be where the rain wasn’t during the entire day. 

In the early evening, content with progress and with just a few odd jobs left for the morning, gazing idly at the clouds in the spot where we imagined the sun was going down we decided we'd had enough and should wander back to our roof, double glazing and king sized bed.



Roger Stanley said...

G'day there. I've enjoyed your stories; reckon it's a great way of living that you've chosen. Your photographs are really excellent. It brought back happy memories of our time on the Thames and some canals way back in the olde days: our little boat was also blue & white!!
Why do you FILL a fuel tank when leaving the boat for months??? I thought diesel went toxic when left in a tank. Wish you safe travels. Roger the Dodger - Crib Point.

bitingmidge said...

Hi Roger - thanks for those comments! I hope you have subscribed to comments so you receive this reply- you fill the tank to prevent condensation and therefore lots of water contaminating the fuel - in the winter climate here condensation on the inside would be a monster problem. Diesel can get a bacterial growth in the presence of water, so we use an algaecide which in our case is an enzyme which keeps the water in suspension in the fuel so the bacteria have nothing to feed on.

We spent this year using the fuel we'd filled with three years ago, so something must be working! Cheers!

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