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Sunday, September 04, 2022

Find the Error
Thursday 1st September - Diksmuide


Yesterday, at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Action in Dunkirk, we came across this panel of several more than a hundred prints signed by one Lucas Z.   Foolishly, I didn’t photograph the identification sign or perhaps I would have been better equipped to discover whether the one print hanging upside down was deliberate, or was it just a happy accident?    One would logically think the former, but given the rather uncared-for state of the gallery, one never knows.

One must draw one’s own conclusions.

Curiously, while mucking around on Chris and Meg’s boat today, trying to track down an electrical fault among a maze of old wires we had to ask the same question often.  With non-functioning new equipment and operating instructions from older models, and all wiring a single colour to increase the degree of difficulty, we couldn't tell which bits were deliberately "alternatively wired" and which were accidentally so.  That it had once worked at all made the puzzle even more curious.

When faced with the same situation a decade ago on our Joyeux, a friend who knows about this stuff and whom I’d roped in to help, looked as puzzled as I did yesterday.  At that point we simply snipped all the wires and started again.

We eventually completed our diagnosis, decided that it didn’t work, and there was no way we were going to start again, so settled back to enjoy a nice cup of coffee until the man with the wire cutters arrived.    


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