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Sunday, September 04, 2022

And it’s goodnight from him!
Friday 2nd September - Diksmuide

Dear old Mr Perkins has sat quietly in the background all year with nary a mention.   Most would agree that is the way it should be in the normal course of events, but that would give rise to a discussion about just how normal the past decade and a bit have been for him, given his status as a minor internet celebrity.  

We like to think of him as being a little bit pampered after his big sleep while we were away.  After all, we hired an expert to change one of everything that could be changed and tightened one of everything that could be tightened before so much as turning him over.  He repaid us for all that love by starting first time every time, except for that morning after the day before when we had forgotten to check the “engine stop” position which caused a tiny bit of angst and then an enormous amount of embarrassment.

We will admit to a little nervousness at first as we departed, but the dear old thing just kept plodding on, dribbling a little muck as always, from every join and from some places where there aren’t, but we have to make some allowances, he’s  more than forty years old now and who knows what that is in “people-years”.

He’s all clean and sparkly once again, snugged in for winter with the merest hint of fresh lemon wafting from his confines.  

We hope he’s not embarrassed by that, but as far as we can tell, “Sauvage” doesn’t come in engine cleaner form.


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