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Friday, September 09, 2022

Oh oh!
Tuesday 6th September - Diksmuide

We’ve been having such a lovely time of late that we hadn’t been noticing how quickly it’s been flying by.  

This morning as we woke, the realisation that tonight would be our last night aboard for this year gave us quite a shock. It was probably an appropriate time to make some plans for the coming week, and finding somewhere to sleep out of the rain would be nice as well.   Sadly our plans to travel to Corsica have unravelled due to the ill health of a friend, which has given us a bit of a gap in time before we want to be in the UK.  While the airline reluctantly exchanged our business class tickets at no cost from Corsica to Paris to London, for economy seats to go half the distance, we can get to London by train for almost the same cost as getting to Paris and with a day less waiting around in airports.   

So we bought a train ticket, and booked a room in a B&B near the town square, and hired a car in Brussels for a few days, and that sounds like a simple thing, but the reality of online booking for many things is that it's not.  The seven Euro tickets to Brussels for instance, required the opening of two accounts and the linking of said accounts before rejecting all that had happened before, so that would happen at the station we though.   

By the time we’d done that the sun was going down and we had some ideas about how next week was starting to shape up.

With a day and a half till our appointment with the crane, surely there was no need to worry about packing things away till tomorrow?


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