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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beyond the National Parks

Time travel brought us to an unfamiliar landscape this morning.  Thanks to daylight saving in this unfamiliar State,  we went backwards in time at least, which allowed us to sleep till quite late yet still be about to watch the sun rise.

I'm not sure if there is a word that describes friends who haven't bothered to visit for over twenty years, and the first time they do it's three weeks before you are moving to another town and have to be up at five thirty to fend off the scraggy hoards descending on your garage sale.  If there is, that's how we should be described.

Kerry and Peter put on a very brave face though, and as we left there seemed to be at least two thousand people milling around their "treasures" so they probably haven't yet noticed that we've gone.

We had fun in termperatures about half of those to which we are accustomed, and a landscape from another hemisphere, all of which seemed entirely comfortable and appropriate, yet strangely out of place at the same time.

All of these observations, weeks before we get to the Mountains Blue.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes its a funny thing how different the landscape is between NSW and QLD. I was thinking about this only yesterday as we are beginning to mull over of a possible trip up north midyear and my head said "I can't think of things to photograph up there." in the same way as my camera freezes up in the city. I'm wondering when I became a New South Welshman.

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