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Friday, February 26, 2010

Time Travel

The next time we see the kids there'll be no need for plastic protection over their deck.  The roof will be finished and the new internal stairs will be complete and the whole place will be taking on some semblance of order.  It looks as though the addition will be completed in time for the arrival of the new addition.

We always think of our journey as having commenced once we leave Brisbane, and it's fairly normal for it to rain for the first day or two of a camping holiday as well, so it's just as well we've taken the precaution of staying with friends in Armidale tonight, but we are so far from home that it is already only a vague memory.

After just one day, we are detached from the outside world, already resenting the intrusion of the odd business call.  We know that when we return we will have found the world we knew will have worked out ways of continuing without us.  It will all have changed, yet we will only have been gone for milliseconds.  

We are not tourists, we are time travellers.

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