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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost in a sea of Triffids

The pond is a mass of lotus seed pods at the moment, strange creatures they are somewhat reminiscent of an alien I drew when I was twelve.  I'm not sure whether they are expecting their seeds to be carried down a river to germinate or not.  If they are, then they'll be sadly disappointed.

On an entirely different note, our people heard from their people today, and we'll meet with our people tomorrow and then they'll meet with their people again.

Thanks to the miracle of mobile internet, and fax machines in every post office, we'll press on with our travel plans regardless.


Julie said...

Fax machines in every PO!! That's a bit last-century, isn't it?

bitingmidge said...

Indeed it is, but then so is our legal system it would appear.

For property contracts fax is ok fascimilie is not!

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