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Thursday, February 04, 2010


So far, finding a photo per day around the house hasn't been hard at all.  I'm not sure that I considered just how hard this project could become before I started, but once again I find myself seeing things that need recording, because we may well forget they were a part of our daily routine a few years from now.

The flathead are in a bit early I think, although this is just one stray.  Like the soldier crabs, they come at first in schools, leaving tiny imprints on the the sand, and as they grow become less numerous.  Eventually the bigger fish arrive (this one is probably around 400mm long) presumably to breed and be eaten.

At low tide the sand tells an astonishing story about what lives below the surface of the water, and what has been wading in the shallows in search of a feed.


Julie said...

Huh? Are you saying that those two indentations were made by fish squirming around in the sand under shallow water to see what they can rustle out? And that when the tide recedes the squirm mark remains.

It's not April 1 - is it?

bitingmidge said...


They settle into the sand just below the edge of the water and wait for some poor unsuspecting little fish to swim past.

It's easy to keep track of who's up who.

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