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Friday, February 05, 2010


The Skywatch title is for the benefit of all who are visiting for the first time, and who would otherwise have been visiting my Sunshine Coast Daily Photo blog.  Today actually is Friday, but in what must really be some sort of addled state of mind, my blazing sunset on the Sunshine Coast photo is going to happen tomorrow, a mere day late!

Not to worry.
Now there's a great expression, and it's easier said than done.  
We've been quite relaxed since Monday we think, in a relative sort of way.  We won't know the outcome of the valuation business till mid next week, yet each day we've been awake before dawn as if that will change something in the outcome.   It's not solistalgia, it's not excitement, we have no idea what this strange emotion is that causes us to wake in time to watch the sunrise, but it does.   Surely we'll get over it once we know.   Surely.
Michael is going to take one of the ducks out today, I think I'll take the other, but we'll wait till those clouds turn white.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty & colorful

Julie said...

Ah, glad you called this a duck and not a b... bo ... There being no pointy end.

Maybe you(se) are just trying to suck up the picturesqueness before being ripped asunder.

bitingmidge said...

Now now Julie, the mighty ducks are in fact PDRacers! I should have spammed my own posts.

Perhaps you are right, but we are also attempting to negotiate a rent back situation. Goodness I hope I leave something to photograph!

Dimple said...

The pastel reflections are wonderful, and the photo itself is, too!

cara said...

you're a bit good at this photo taking lark.

Guy D said...

This pic should be on a calendar, excellent!!!

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Ann said...

Great reflection and the little yellow boat - which I was going to call a skiff but now know to call a duck (only ducks I know quack) - really lifts the shot.

LadyFi said...

The reflections of that gorgeous sky, the yellow boat - what a wonderful photo!

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