Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, February 20, 2010


How confident does one have to be to take a macro shot of one's own flyscreen?  We are inundated by mosquitos at the moment, no one can work out why (apart from weeks of rain giving them plenty of places to breed that is) because we've never had them round here before.

We always tell strangers that the midges eat them all, perhaps there are just too many for them this time.


Julie said...

Love this shot.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This one is perfect ... could almost become your icon if you didn't already have the biting midge ... perhaps when you move from midge (or was that mosquito) territory.

Was listening to a story on the radio this morning ... it's the modern eco lifestyle that is to blame, all those water tanks, ponds and gardens we're installing is increasing the mossies. And we getting an ever increasing number of mossie diseases ... so cover up.

cara said...

Wow! Cracking shot!

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