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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


We can see Newport again today, and it's not even sunset, which tends to make us think that a tree or two has fallen during the storms of late.   That's one less thing to bulldoze I suppose, like the big mangrove that used to be on the point.

I really should have started one of those photo a month things from the time we arrived.   The island is probably five metres shorter at its south-eastern end now, the monster mangrove died not long after we got here, then a few years ago it blew over in a storm, and it lay there with its roots in the air for years.

In December, the monster tide picked it up and carried it away, leaving just some sand, and a big mark where it had been.  I've taken to wondering of late, what will happen to the waterfront once the road goes through.  Will they take out all the revetment walls and just let our side of the river wander as is its want?

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Joan Elizabeth said...

It's interesting to see what nature does all by itself ... without bridge builders having their way.

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