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Friday, July 09, 2010


Poor old "Waiting" contemplates his fate with the accompaniment of a silent concert from Dume's pianist.  We are not sure what to do, the frame is smashed, the canvas stretched and torn, and we have to keep an appointment  near Belgium tomorrow. It's a real pity because it's the one piece in the collection which has met with unanimous acclaim. 

We have had a positive response thus far from the insurance people, and have a little time between now and the first exhibition in October, so we'll sleep on it for a month I think, but in any case we are all pretty pleased with the interaction between sculpture and paintings.

Sleeping for a month is what we need anyway, by the time last night's party finished and today began we had barely four hours of horizontality before starting again today.

Communications in the long term was our focus today, including trying to unravel the fine print of our prospective internet contract with the help of they among us who were raised here.  They looked at us askance as they came across difficult passages of gobbledigook written with headings in English, apparently designed to make it terribly confusing for French people.  One provision which we couldn't understand at all was one of the "complimentary" services which allows internet roaming  in the rest of the EU or in the US at a cost of 19€ per day.

A quick trip around Orleans this afternoon, another party tonight and then we must fly, but we'll be back of course, for a bit longer too, when we've had that sleep.



Joan Elizabeth said...

Bummer. I wanted it to be the pink girl which I like the least. The photo and sculpture look fab together, you can expect real excitement when the show opens.

bitingmidge said...

Little miss pink is fine despite your wishes! We were all a bit sad to see the big one damaged, but I am being "encouraged" to repair it.

Today we are off to see Dume's friend, and artisan woodworker who will make the bits for the stretcher. No rest for the wicked they say!

diane b said...

Great shot the staue id looking at him. Hope you can fix it.

Annie said...

wow..I am just catching up with what you do in between taking photos! And traveling. Very impressive. Shame about the damage to the canvas on the most popular. An exhibition. Sounds Good.

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