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Sunday, July 11, 2010


The day dawned some time before we did.   

We'd slept for more time in one night than the total of the previous two, and the warmth of the day was already starting to make it's presence felt.  It's Sunday of course, so all business is closed, and the middle of a commercial shipyard in a summer heatwave is not the most salubrious environment to spend a pleasant afternoon, so we decided to revisit a few of the spots we passed in Deerste last year with Ian and Lynda.

An afternoon wandering the streets of Lille in brilliant sunshine, a visit to the one open patisserie, and a good old fashioned Sunday drive before the Soccer world cup interspersed with catching up with all of the news of the last six months with Graham and Iris were all we could fit into the day.

Meanwhile, the photo above is an optical illusion. It's not looking through a sign on a shop window, it is in fact a pattern drawn on the walls floors and ceilings of an arcade, leading to a restaurant entrance in LIlle.   It was the first illusion of the day.   If you are reading this on the internet you are experiencing the other.

SFR (my new and not easy to deal with internet service provider) sent me a message including my new user name and password, BY EMAIL, apparently oblivious to the fact that without those things, I couldn't log on to the web.   Hmmm… thank goodness for some basic and possibly err…dubious if not  illegal computer skills.

I must start hanging out with nicer people on the web!


Anonymous said...

very cool! mand

cara said...

I really fancy that bat.

Annie said...

a bit confusing if you were up late partying hard. but intriguing anyway.

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