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Sunday, July 04, 2010

On the Move

We're all on the move this week, onward and upward of course, but it's surprising how unsettling any move can be, even after only a few days of standing still.   When we return Shell and Jules will have moved happily to the City, and with just a little luck we'll have had a few months cruising in the north of France.

But here's the rub:  We don't quite know what to expect.  We've read them all and seen them all first hand, those tall tales of how err... unreliable the tradespeople are in the country that we choose to make our second home, but thus far we have no reason to doubt that our chaps will be different.

We have no reason not to think that when we arrive the work on the hull will be complete and "Joyeux" will be bobbing peacefully at his mooring (I know that sounds wrong, but French boats are boys), waiting for us to load our things and wander off into the cruising sunset.

We have no reason not to think that Jacques and his team will be waiting there, with smiling faces, all the repairs done and a very small bill to pay.

We do wonder why they don't respond to our emails though.

Tomorrow we will know.

It's a tad ironic though, that today we slept till after six, a sure sign that our jet lag is on the mend and we are getting somewhere close to our routine, yet tomorrow we leave here at four to catch the Eurostar.

I do hope we don't arrive at the boat hot, bothered, tired and grumpy ready for a touch of despair!

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