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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Party Party Party

Party party party day today.  The guys at the marina continued their fantastic hospitality in honour of the formal naming of "Joyeux" today, including bunging on a fireworks show and music until well into tomorrow.  They mumbled something about it being France's National Day as well.  What a coincidence!

In brilliant morning sunshine we tied on the new fenders finishing in time to attend a marina "family" luncheon, while in the town the markets raged and in the marina the food and vintage tractor festival thunka thunka thunka'd on.

By the time we returned from bidding our farewells to the poor little Renault in Lunaville the night party had begun, ominous storm clouds loomed, the wind had strengthened and on top of that it became quite a challenge to wrest the champagne from some of the assembled throng for long enough to get the naming formalities completed, but eventually it happened, and "Joyeux - Mooloolaba" officially came into being.

In retrospect we are rather pleased with our handiwork on the name, it's almost impossible for English speaking people to pronounce "Joyeux" in a manner that's decipherable, and completely impossible for the French among us to get their tongues around Mooloolaba.

And so to bed, hoping that when we arise our heads aren't thunka thunka thunka-ing too loudly.


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