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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Go!

Let's go we thought, right after breakfast, and the washing up, and washing our hair, and drying it.  

Maybe it's a good time to check the anchor chain fastening, and finish cleaning the engine bay and maybe give the oily bits of the bilge another scrub, and let's see what's behind the wall panelling behind the bed. 

Ahh... another leak, this one small but it's been there a long time.

Some of the floor has been replaced, but it's rotted again and damp.  Jacques thinks it's OK because sometimes there are champignons growing in places like that and we just have mulch.  I think it's OK because it's just a small repair and not as dramatic as it looks,  albeit that it will need to be dried out for a few weeks before we can do anything about it.

Maggie's off to the shops at Sarrebourg and one of us accepted her invitation to accompany her.

A text from Graham and Iris, and they are only a few hundred kilometres away in opposite direction to the one we were planning to travel, if "planning" is a word that can be applied to our current lack of thought process.

I'm not sure how it got to be dinner time, perhaps we'll go tomorrow.

Suddenly we have begun to set deadlines like a pair of locals.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I figured there was going to be some damp in this story ... the google ads told me so. Hair drying ... not you methinks.

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