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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The thought occurred during the day, that if we didn't have Jacques we'd have to invent him just to make our story sound so much like a French adventure.

Fortunately for us he does exist and it was with every confidence that he informed us that he expected Michel would be with us at two this afternoon.  Michel it seems, is fairly certain he knows what our electrical problem is, as in fact do we, but we are yet to discover if he has a solution for it. I have been charging the batteries one at a time in an effort to get the thing working as best we can until the reparations are in place, and today while waiting for two o'clock we had a near miss with the frig.

We thought at first it had died, but fortunately it was only running on one battery and had run out of oomph, thankfully easy to fix before Michel's arrival without resorting to plan B and buying a new one.

We managed to complete several other tasks while waiting for two o'clock as well, including screwing up the knife rack and sorting out our mess in the bilge and even measuring the amount of water running in through the rudder seal, a quite disturbing three litres per hour. (Note to file: keep power to the bilge pump all night.)  At least we also managed to work out how to fix it, but we'll need Michel's help for that too so I expect it will be sometime after two before we look at it seriously.

From our berth we were able to watch Michel slaving in the sun repairing a propellor on another boat and failing entirely to notice that perhaps time was ticking by. By four we wondered how he was going to make it, by five we were starting to think that maybe he wasn't, and by seven we had Jacques and Maggie over for tea without giving it another thought.

Tomorrow Michel has a job in another town, and rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday so it is highly probable that two o'clock may be sometime next week we suspect.

We think we like it here.

Quite a lot.

Perhaps we'll stay a few more days, or maybe we'll leave at two o'clock.


cara said...

If everyone had your No Worries approach to these spanners in the works, things would be much more pleasant all round.

Annie said...

sounds pretty good to me!

diane b said...

Just as well you are a laid back Aussie.

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