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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out there doing it at last!

We are finally out there doing it!

A cloud of quiet satisfaction has descended on us as tonight we sit in the middle of a forest with the roof open after having moved thirty or so kilometres in the space of the day. We've been through a few locks, had a hot shower, and even managed to get the internet working after a fashion, so we are well on our way to working things out we reckon.

There will always be a bit more to do, and we'll head back to Lagarde in a day or so to think about what our next task might entail, and to drop off Jack and Brii of course, but by the end of the week we'll be off voyaging proper, with a month to travel the 80 kilometres or so to Strassbourg in time to meet Shelley and Julian.

Comfortable though we may be with our new life, it just doesn't feel real at the moment. We keep thinking we'll have to go home tomorrow.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Funny I noticed Google has moved to France with you. Today's ads were about Bastille day banners and learning French.

Ian said...

Ha, finally found it. A reasonably comprehensive photo of Joyeaux (?).

Mon Dieu, a sun-roof! What a spectacularly original design feature (or is is a folly?). Well, she's unique and lovely. I'm settling back waiting for updates - no actually, I'll be trawling backwards to enjoy the wonderful photos and commentary.

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