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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have found Utopia

We have found Utopia, and as the photo shows, it is perhaps not what we had expected.

We decided to stay yet another day in Nancy, despite the rain and despite or perhaps because of the disturbance to our "tranqulity" from to the restaurant that's appeared on the dock half a Dutch Barge length from our boat.  The restaurant may even have been an attraction, except perhaps for the enthusiastic electric accordion which accompanies the menu during the aperitif, all three courses and coffee.  So enthusiastic is said musician that he continues to practice for the five hours between lunch and dinner as well.

Now that I can hum every "tune" with him, and even stumble over the same bits where he stumbles, I frankly suspect that our friend with the straw boater and the long ribbon learned his entire repertoire from an Spanish Accordian version of  "FIfty Great Busking Songs for Guitar You Can Learn In An Afternoon."

I can't say that it's the fault of the accordion alone that makes it the butt of such endless derision though, it's the immutable fact that wherever there is accordion music, there is a solitary person clapping along, entirely out of time with the music.

On an entirely different note, for the first time since we've lived aboard, we dined as they say "out", at a little Italian specialty cafe at the Old Markets, which proved to be a severe test of translation across three languages "Poulet Caccitore" was more than the iPhone could handle.

Our language skills don't seem to be improving much at all though.  When one asks in word prefect French for directions to the conveniences, and without prompting is given a response in word perfect English capped with a big smile and "have a great day", one has to suspect one's accent is not up to the job quite.

Of course this is on top of the Port Capitain shrugging his shoulders yesterday and commanding:"Look, why don't you speak in English, it's a lot easier for both of us."



Chuck said...

Riding in a taxi in San Jose, Costa Rica, our friend insisted on talking to the driver in Spanish. The driver insisted in answering in English. It was like a linguistic duel.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Your Google ads are giving me all sorts of hints about language courses ... perhaps you could do with some help!

Julie said...

Oh, dear ... this post is not doing my confidence much good, either.

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