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Saturday, May 12, 2012

As we slid slowly along to the tune of Mr P's dulcet tones, in what would otherwise have been the stillness of the  early afternoon except for the odd sixty kilometre per hour gust of wind to keep us on our toes, with variable thirty to forty at other times, we remarked to each other how quickly we'd resumed our old cruising pattern.

The frenzied travel mode has once again given way to wander round the market after breakfast, elevensies at ten, something else at eleven, an early departure followed by a very civilised seven kilometre an hour pace for a few hours, with a stop for lunch under some trees in the country somewhere. By half-past two we had done enough to catch up on some sleep we may have missed between breakfast and lunch and after that, a bit of a walk around the new village nicely rounded off the day thanks very much.

Then we thought about last night and our spot in Meaux and the sunset over the cathedral and the things there that we didn't see and almost felt guilty, quickly assuaging that by resolving to go back one day for a longer stay.

We don't really care though, because tonight we are less than twenty kilometres, three locks and a tunnel  from our destination.

Tomorrow, if the sun is shining, we may even roll into town with the roof back and then we'll know that summer has arrived.

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