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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Still in serious tourist mode the parents hauled themselves off early(ish) to visit Paris' Catacombs while once again the grandparents had sensibly called a lay day for themselves and the boys, who after yesterday's adrenaline charged lack of sleep at one point had black rings around their eyes so pronounced that it looked as though they'd been fifteen rounds in a heavyweight bout.   Well I suppose for the Big E that would be an ultra featherweight or something, but you get the picture.

Once parents were out of sight, a day of serious Pirating began this time armed with some "proper" Pirate gear courtesy of yesterday's excursion.  Despite our best endeavours, the shouted "Aarrrrs" and "heave to my hearties", and our  extra stern warnings about the consequences if they ignored us, none of the ferries passing our little ship so much as throttled back, although some of the passengers wore expressions that could have been mistaken for grimaces of fear if viewed in the right light.

We resolved to lift our game for next time, and took the parents shopping in the afternoon, before sending them off on a bus tour by night.

Having to babysit allowed the remaining adult crew, suffering somewhat from the stiffness that comes from lack of practice in carrying  small boys while walking innumerable kilometres, an early night, and with that perhaps the potential even for attaining close to the requisite eight hours.  

The excitement for him of attaining the age where he may be able to request a seniors discount in the hopefully probably  event of actually waking on the morrow, and for her of no longer being quite so senior on a comparative basis, did nought to lessen the intensity of their slumber.


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