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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reversal of Fortunes

Blue sky and sunshine in abundance brings with it Parisians in the streets shouting "summer is here at last!" and the madness begins.

What better way to spend the first day offering perfect weather, than entirely indoors out of it.  

First stop, the Opera, where we were somehow magically plucked from the back of the queue and escorted directly to the ticket box with half and hour to spare before the commencement of our tour.  The Opera is a magical place of course, made more magical for us after having quite uncharacteristically paid the extra three Euros for a "guided" tour, to find that not only did it buy a place in the express lane, but we were among the only visitors allowed in the auditorium on the day.

With the sun clearly shining on us we decided to try our luck at the Centre Pompidou, which on this particular visit was "open every day including today".  Having missed the travelling exhibition of Mr Matisse before leaving for France, it was a rather large consolation to see his life's work back here in his home town, in between skipping outside to check that the sun was still shining on all those rooftops.

It was still shining on us as well towards the end of a longish day, when we decided on a whim to amble home through the Marais.   As we did, we happened upon a retail outlet operated by our miscreant internet provider.    Pushing our luck, and knowing it was not yet Friday, we walked in to a smiling team who seemed to think it was a pleasure to not only provide the gadget we were after, but to offer us a brand new contract.

"If you are contacted by my company and asked to rate my service, could you please give me a ten?"

You betcha!  But then, that's about what we'll rate the day as well.

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