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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Being by now well practiced in the where's and wherefore's of this Disneyland place, we were sure we'd be there bright and early, and we probably would have been had we not lingered over a ginormous birthday breakfast for moi while simultaneously talking to family members in all corners of the globe.

Eventually proudly waving my "Bon Anniversaire" invitation printed in black and white on our new laser printer which cost only a fraction more than the price of admission we had just saved, I was ushered once more into the hallowed grounds, along with the paying customers in our bunch.

We had never intended to see everything in two days, particularly as we were quite deliberately moving at a pace somewhat less than even that to which we have become accustomed on the boat.  With the Big E in control of the ride agenda we managed to give anything with a "family tick" a good shot, even luring her good self, the queen of the thrill seekers across to the wild side for a time, working her up gently from Dumbo the flying elephant to the Carousel which even had horses that went up and down as well as round and round.


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