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Friday, June 01, 2012

The end of the road.

We've worn them out!   

Seriously we have.   

Completely stopped 'em in their tracks.  They can't go any further.  

The parents of the two were up and about almost but not quite before the rest of us and shot off early to the Tower Eiffel, where they had less than an hour to wait till opening time, and not much more than that again to get to the top.

While mother and daughter found some second wind in the afternoon and reluctantly (apparently) dragged themselves into Paris' retail heart, the boys among us were content to sort of hang around.   

The two themselves meanwhile were content to accompany their grandfather to the lock, where we once again practiced our pirating skills without success despite having a succession of captive vessels at our disposal while the lock alternately raised a lowered itself.    I spent the rest of the morning with as little success trying to convince Mr Five that if we can't come away with any booty even after boarding a barge in a lock while waving an actual plastic sword, it is perhaps time he tried some other pursuit like banking or stockbroking (sorry Nick!).

So exhausted were they that they were content to sleep for almost all of the afternoon, along with their father, while the grandfather celebrated his second afternoon as a senior citizen delightfully confined to his own bunk while the Big E used his tummy as a pillow.   

It seems there is some benefit in having forgone the classic "six pack" after all.

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