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Friday, June 29, 2012

Move along, there's nothing to see here.
Montbard to Veneray-les-Laumes

Our guide book says of Venery-les-Laumes: 

"Although there were indeed major battles between the Romans and the Gaulles in the Laumes plain, it is now almost certain that the decisive battle of Alesia did not take place here."

I can't recall another time when I've been so keen to get to somewhere where almost certainly nothing happened.

We set our sights on spending this night at that very village some ten kilometres away. The journey could hardly be described as onerous, even with our little ship laden with produce that simply had to be eaten, fresh from this morning's market, but once again with friends aboard, we were unlikely to retire while the night was young and the usual result of that is of course that neither were we likely to be found leaving the port while the morning was young.

Therefore made plans to depart when the afternoon was young, which is exactly what came to pass.

We arrived in Veneray far too late to undertake any strenuous activity, so immediately set about ensuring that it would not be recorded as the place where the afternoon snooze did not occur as well.

Tomorrow, refreshed, we shall set about discovering remains of things that did not happen.


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