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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The trials of commuting.
Ancy-le-Franc to Dijon via Ravieres

We'd been invited to travel to Dijon to spend the weekend with Sunny and Al whose path we still hope to cross in coming weeks, but a weekend off from all the arduous cruising of late suited us both.  After all, we'd travelled almost five kilometres yesterday alone. 

We thought we'd take a train, so after leaving Tanlay yesterday we puttered along the eight or nine kilometres or so to Lezinnes and walked to the station in plenty of time to get to Dijon by evening.   That was when we discovered that many of the small stations on this line have been closed including the very one we stood in.  However as compensation there is apparently an almost-free taxi to the nearest station which is not.

Excellent we thought!   

Our enquiries about how to arrange said taxi were answered something along the lines of; 

"You have to book it yesterday.  Actually since the taxi service only runs on weekdays you would have to be here yesterday and arrange the taxi for yesterday, yesterday, and to be even more clear, you can't come home tomorrow, you will have to wait till Monday and to do that you will have to arrange the taxi yesterday as well."

Since doing anything yesterday was a bit beyond the scope of our current skill-set, we decided to try our luck at Ancy-le-Franc, where we forwent the pleasure of discovering the internals of it's own amazingly recently restored chateau, for a similarly pleasurable conversation with the young lady in the tourist information office, who kindly repeated the news of the previous day, but advised that just down the canal a bit at Nuit, a regular service was still running.

Which is how we came to be in Ravieres not much after lunch, showered and scrubbed up for a trip to the big smoke waving our senior's rail passes as we went.


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