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Monday, June 11, 2012

Brienon-sur-Armançon to St-Florentin

The journey to St-Florentin wasn't particularly taxing, although we did manage to scale one more lock than yesterday, with a tradeoff of one kilometre less distance travelled.

The small boys, starting to thaw after their week on an entire cruise liner have been surprisingly less taxing than we feared as well.   The Big E seems content to drag my boots around the boat to wherever I may be in the vague hope that I will don them and take him into the great outdoors, which does seem to happen with a good deal of regularity, while Mr Five just does what five year olds do best.  

He asks "Why?"

And that's exactly what he asked after our walk through the winding and windy streets of St-Florentin as he watched me plug in our mains electrical connection.

"To keep the elephants away," I replied matter of factly,"They'd make a terrible mess of the boat if they visited in the night"

"There aren't any elephants here, Papa."

"That's because I plug in the orange elephant cables every night."

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cara said...

Great grandad logic!

This photo really caught my eye. It reminds me of a cubist painting.

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