Legends from our own lunchtimes

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


They had exactly thirty hours when the alarm went off, to eat, pick up their pre-packed bags and find their way to the airport before lift-off.    But they seemed to be enjoying themselves too much for our liking, so we hustled them and bustled them to the station accompanying their every change of transport until just before lunchtime when we booked them into their airport hotel and could relax.

All that remained was to have a celebratory lunch, and what a lunch it was.    Mr Five will now have to get used to the fact that Nutella Crepes are no longer a way of life I suspect, the Big E is now probably used to eating off his grandparents' plate(s), but there was no point in spoiling a party by telling them then. That, we think is their parent's job.

Three hours, two trains and a short walk after lunch we were back in Tonnerre, staring at each other, through the silence of an empty boat, at once wondering what we would do with ourselves and revelling in the space that had miraculously returned.

We will miss them.  We think.  

Tomorrow we will provision, clean and get on with cruising!

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