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Monday, June 18, 2012

Being Tourguides

We've been in Tonnerre long enough to know a bit about the place.  It's surprising how familiar a village becomes after a week as bits of it start to fill the empty creases in one's brain.

It was therefore almost as residents of a lifetime's standing we were able to direct our happy band to the sites and sights.   They were astonished to find that in contrast to their experiences of the past week on a cruise ship, that not only was were out guide services provided without cost, but that gratuities were included.

The weather of course was back to the indifference that has marked this summer across most of Europe, and while I had planned an excursion for much further afield on the morrow, for reasons which never became clear, but may have had something to do with some friends arriving in Port, and the evening turning into a rather late night, we never quite got round to organising ourselves.

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