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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smiley Faces
Dijon back to Ravieres

Not much had changed on Sunny and Al's boat since our farewell last year although it was just a little colder than we remember.

We are an odd couple of couples. As two of us slept snug in our winter pyjamas under doona and blanket in temperatures just a few degrees cooler than our family was experiencing in the depths of winter at home, the pair in the forecabin, the Canadians, slept comparatively naked in what they considered to be verging on not at all comfortable heat. 

Eventually the sun almost shone, and we meandered uptown dressed for the weather, we in jeans, jumpers and wooly socks, they in shorts and tee shirts, each wondering how the other was surviving.

When we are together time travels far too quickly, and after eating close to too many Mussels accompanied by just enough chips and a selection of desserts, we were forced once more to wend our separate ways. 

As we wended ours in the twilight, on foot from the station in Nuit, back to our lonely little boat in Ravieres, cheek muscles aching, we quietly began planning our next encounter.

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