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Monday, June 04, 2012

On the road again. Paris - Port Cerises

It was a perfect day for a long stay in bed, which made us question what was motivating the Swiss couple in the boat behind as they left before the sun was up.    When we actually checked though, the sun did appear to be up, and the darkness we were experiencing seemed to be due to our eyes not having been quite open at the time, but none the less they inspired us to greater things, and we were at the Supermarket not too long after opening time.

We hadn't set an overly ambitious starting for ourselves for our first day back on the move either, because we know only too well how long it takes us to pick up a few things from the supermarket, and to bid everyone we know in the village a fond farewell, but it was surprisingly perhaps, a little before lunch time when we found ourselves on the Seine and feeling sorry for Mr P .  

The poor old thing now has to push us against a considerable current for days on end, and try as we might to find a compromise, coaxing a cruising speed of not much above six kilometres per hour up river was never going to happen.
With Mr P grumbling away in his little box all afternoon we arrived well before dinner time at our evening destination, Port Cerise and to their amazement, we moored in front of the Swiss guys who had left so early.  When we did we couldn't help but wonder if they thought it had been worth their while sacrificing all that snooze time to get away before us.

Much as we truly love Paris, it has to be said that it was terrific to be back on the water and moving again.

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