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Friday, June 15, 2012

Places to Go

Empty vessels are said to be the ones making the most sound.

As of today, we are not certain of that.  Our vessel was as near to empty as  is possible without us actually leaving it and when we woke there was no sound at all coming from within it. 

This happened to be at a very sensible hour too, there was no desperation to mash weetbix in a bowl, and the plastic sipper cup sat idle on the bench.   There was nothing to trip over, no cereal encrusted cuddles to be ha,d no early or post breakfast tickles to dish out.

Nowhere to go, no one to see, nothing to do!  (Except perhaps catching up on the last week of these posts.)

We filled it in the day quite happily at the beginning,  by fixing a few things, reading a bit, and of course there was lunch, but Tonnerre has been around for quite some time and there are alleyways which seem to exist for no purpose other than our pleasure, so it would be rude we felt if we didn't give them at least a cursory inspection.

If we can keep the rain again, we may well do the same tomorrow.

And the day after.


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