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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

High Summer - 2012
St-Florentin to Flogny-la-Chapelle

Two days from now the horde are due to leave for a weekend in London, so we really do need to give some consideration to getting close to a railway station by then.   Despite the cold and rain, we decided to push on, get another fifteen kilometres under the belt.   

As has become usual that meant that the only respite from the rain came when we weren't actually needed to be outside in a lock,  or anywhere near a playground, or wanting to go for a walk to find a sheep or a cheese factory.

Undaunted as those who are desperate to have a good time often are, we discovered that after the first five or six kilometres of our evening stroll some of us were warm enough to unzip our top layer jackets.   

I suspect this is just an acclimatisation programme so they won't be cold over the weekend, and while they are away, the sun will shine on our little boat.

I hope.

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