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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Near Miss

Trying to get all six of us to eat, drink, bathe and be out the door by a particular time is, it has to be said, like trying to herd cats.

By nine, about an hour past the time the train was due to (and probably did) leave, we were not quite up to the having breakfast stage, so the premonition if that's what it was although I suspect it was more resignation, that I had yesterday about us not actually visiting Auxerre today, came to pass.

This was not necessarily a bad thing, as the weather was on the awful side of poorly, the boys really didn't need another big day on foot, and when we idly checked their actual aeroplane departure time on Thursday, we discovered that there really wasn't any practical way of arriving at the airport in Paris from Tonnerre in time to actually board the flight home without relying on a series of happy coincidences en route.

So with great difficulty we set about finding accommodation for four in one room in Paris, and walked father and daughter, to the station to buy the tickets, one way for them, return for us.

We walked again to the station after discovering that the tickets for us, were indeed return ones, but had no "going there" sector.

Then we walked again to the station because when we walked there last time, of course they had closed for lunch.

Now all they had to do was pack, and set the alarm for "far too early" and providing the cat herding goes better in the morning than today, we would all live happily ever after.

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Annie said...

love that photo...wonderful!

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