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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Roar of the Crowd

Of necessity things began buzzing dawn or something like that, with the boat full of hustle and bustle to get them all  off to London for the weekend.  We even took them to the train to make sure they got on.

Then we returned to blissful sunshine accompanied by a silence that was deafening.

The Big E wasn't carrying my boots or trying to find a better vantage point in some prohibited place.  

No one was asking why I was doing whatever it was each time I moved a millimetre. 

No "I love you" stares shot across the cabin when they thought we weren't looking, nor when they thought we were for that matter.

We'd forgotten what it was like to be still.   Alone and not moving.  So we washed and did a bit of cleaning and not much else.

I told the Australian bloke in the hire boat who moored behind us that we were going to be here for a week when he enquired.

"There are a lot better places to stay a week than here", he offered.

"Well we'll stay in those places for a week too", I replied.

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