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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The happiest kingdom!

For a long time, we've been planning a "boy's day out" to celebrate the zero clocking over on my age one more time, and when we did we decided that Disneyland would be the most appropriate venue, as mothers, grandmothers and fathers could tag along as well to act as pit crew in the event of a nappy blowout.

We'd had quite a lot of discussion about this over the past twelve months or so, and collectively we decided that only way to ensure the big day was to be entirely successful would be to have a practice run.   Since Uncle Walt has kindly offered free admission for anyone on their birthday this year, there seemed no reason why we shouldn't take advantage of his generosity either. (Just ignore the price of admission for the everyone else in the interests of the story, ok?).

Wandering all day in the Happiest Kingdom of Them All" was everything the advertisements proclaim it to be.  As a skeptic of long standing, I must confess that we all actually liked the place, and had a quite marvellous time even if the food did appear to be and experiment from Adventureland gone wrong.

Fears of the little ones becoming over-stimulated were of course completely well founded, with their mother at one point remarking that it's all very well being concerned about them watching TV, but here they are actually IN the TV.  


Joan Elizabeth said...

I've been to Disney Land and Disney World but have wondered what the kingdom transplanted would be like.

Happy birthday.

bitingmidge said...

Well... none of it is real anyway, only Main Street USA didn't seem to sit all that comfortably. The rest of the place could have been anywhere in France!

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