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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Sign

Every now and then we come to a place in our travels when we stop for no particular reason, perhaps there are signs we don't understand, or perhaps we do but don't want to, whatever the reason we come to a complete halt.   We just sort of stop for a bit.

Today was one of those days.

Yes, yes, I know we were going to visit the old Opera House with Dennis and Fredrika but we sat around whiling away the morning over coffee and almond croissants which we decided clearly weren't going to sustain us on the journey we had planned, so we wandered across the harbour to the cafe for something more substantial and ended up whiling away what was left of the afternoon as well.   That involved quite a bit of whiling, far more than would allow a visit to the other side of town, and we had received an invitation to while away the evening elsewhere as well so we definitely had no time to explore.

Through good management we did manage to catch a small snooze between whiles though, which was quite fortuitous, as by the time the evening was over it was already tomorrow.

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