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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thursday's Washing Day
Tronville-en-Barrois to Fains-les-Sources

When the sun comes out and we're on the road, we look for one thing only, a port with water and electricity.

Forget all you've heard about Monday for clothes and Thursday for sheets, there's a new formula that is strictly adhered to round these parts:

Fortunately, we had a place in mind which had the first two of the requisite elements, and by the time we'd dropped in to Bar le Duc to address a small administrative matter, (actually to our shame until this point we still had last year's photos in the "grand-children" frame), and we may as well top up with groceries, because you never know when we might find ourselves stranded a kilometre from anywhere that sells food, the latter of the elements had appeared with some gusto.

Barely an hour later we were settled in our little gunk hole in Fains-les-Source with the washing machine humming happily in the fore cabin, the owner of the machine humming happily in the galley baking a banana cake, while the other of us was humming at the prospect of devouring it at some later point in the evening, all the while topping up the water and eventually (after he had plucked up significant quantities of courage) enquiring as to why, after all the days we have spent searching for sunshine, when it finally arrived, was the drying rack placed in the shadow of an electric light pole.

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