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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

-Demange-aux-Eaux to Ligny-en-Barrois

Some days were meant for travel, and whether this was one of them or not, travel we did.

I'm not sure how the sky knew that the holiday was over, but it returned to its more customary 2012 chilly  grey uniform for the duration of the day, which seemed to match much of the forest we were travelling through, still completely denuded of it's summer or even spring clothing.   Thankfully the rain merely threatened us all day, and conditions were nowhere near as bleak as they appeared.

Twenty-four kilometres and twenty-seven locks we ticked off in the course of the day, as we poked along, and lest anyone laugh and suggest that we are not really intent on travelling quickly after all, may I remind one and all that last year we travelled this exact same route.


And each time it took us exactly five days to do what we have done today.  

What is it, that drives us so madly one may ask? It's just that in three week's time, Mr Five and the Big E will be in Paris (with their parents) and we MUST be there!  


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