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Monday, July 15, 2019

A Day of Archaeology
Tuesday 2nd July - Picquigny to Samara

Not very far from Picquigny, there is a shady little mooring bathed in green that happens to be adjacent to “Samara”, a museum of History and Archeology, with a nature park thrown in for good measure.  We spent much of the day there, happily crunching through the sands of time, fascinated as always at how the evolution of man has been recorded and interpreted by experts.

Our own archeological endeavours earlier in the morning had almost left the work of those professionals in the shade.  To our astonishment, the cafe which featured in yesterday’s photo, the one that appeared to be boarded up with the eclectic miscellany in its window and left to rot, was alive and well as we wandered past in search of a bakery.  More horrifying than that, the miscellany appeared to be actual current stock!

In complete fascination and perhaps no small amount of awe, we made a complete catalogue of the cracked and faded items in the window with a view to sending a copy to the nice folk at Samara for their professional interpretation. 
  • six fidget spinners, 
  • a few cigarette packets of the kind that automatically eject cigarettes when opened, 
  • two racks of sunfaded batteries, 
  • twelve imitation leather watchbands in three styles, 
  • three packets of charcoal fire starters, 
  • a torch,
  • two leather purses, 
  • two tubes of superglue, 
  • one glossy plastic dog turd.

AND they sell postage stamps too!

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Vallypee said...

Didn’t you realise? They are selling these as historic artefacts.

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