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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Sandwiches again.
Saturday 29th June - Long

Several people had recommended or even insisted that we should not miss eating at the little bar in town, the uniquely named “Café Français”.  

We’d turned up yesterday afternoon to see if a reservation was necessary for dinner, but they don’t do dinner so thinking on our feet we said “lunch tomorrow then” and were given to understand that no reservations would be necessary.

One thing led to another and it a little after the beginning of lunch o’clock by the time our act was sufficiently together for us to cross the bridge that leads into town.  By then every one of the chequered table cloths in the place were covered with drinks and food and arms and paraphernalia that did not belong to us.  It seemed that in our absence every cyclist that ever there was had heard about the “Café Français” and had simply turned up from nowhere, getting their luncheon acts together well before ours.

Ahh well, it was an outing, and a lovely walk back to “Café Joyeux”, where every meal is the “plate of the day” and no reservations are necessary at any time.


Vallypee said...

A luxury problem maybe. It sounds wonderfully lazy. I see the date here is two weeks ago, so I wonder where you are now?

Ian said...

It also strikes me as odd that occasionally, when looking at some area of France in Google Maps I see an item labelled 'French Restaurant'.

We're currently moored at Vincelles not even a stone's throw (perhaps a paper aeroplane flight into a headwind) from a crêperie and will have been here four days and have so far been unable to arrange a mutually satisfactory conjugation between his opening hours, the number of guests and his sundry other activities to result in a meal despite the two sessions a day that are notionally available.

bitingmidge said...

@Valleypee - Currently in Corbie, so we have another week or so on the Somme, then perhaps we'll add some accelerant for a few days.....
@Ian - yes, that sums up the situation perfectly. I suspect establishments such ass these inspired the famouis lyrics;

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
You've been observing our Earth
And we'd like to make a contact with you

We are your friends

OK, back to my wheeties.....

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