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Monday, July 08, 2019

Back in Abbeville
Monday 24th June - Abbeville

Jürgen and Ele sent us a message yesterday, casually mentioning that the gearbox of their boat is somewhere where the boat is not, which has slowed up their cruising plans for summer somewhat.   Since they were only a country or two away, with time on their hands and had their car with them, it seemed only natural that they should pop over and join us for a few days.

“Panic” does not truthfully describe the reaction aboard our little ship, but it is suffice to say that the slothful habits of the past few days were tucked away in some haste, to be replaced by a flurry of activity.  Spring cleaning was instantly upon us, guest beds made ready, groceries fetched, gas bottles replaced with full ones, fuel ferried from supermarket to boat.  Such was the intensity of it all that the next week or even two’s worth of housekeeping was completed in a morning.

They arrived with impeccable timing too, just as the vase of freshly cut wildflowers was being placed on the table and the last few litres of diesel were being syphoned in.   We would like to report that they were tired from their drive, and we were tired as a result of our flurry, so like sensible folk we all slipped quietly off to bed.   Alas, this may be difficult for anyone who knows them or us to believe, so in the interests of credible deniability, a photograph of a sunset we prepared earlier will illustrate just how quiet the evening might have been. 


Ian said...

Yes, aren’t guests a wonderful way to get all those needed but non-essential jobs done!? Our first set are three days away, so two days of procrastination remain.

Vallypee said...

Well done for having time tp prepare the sunset earlier! It was beautiful!

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