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Monday, July 01, 2019

Monday 17th June - Long to Abbeville

There may well have been two or three places we could have stayed on our way this morning, but the urgency of our voyage took hold and we scooted down the river past them all, until post lunchtime listlessness overcame us as we approached Abbeville and what was to be a quick lunch stop turned into time for a nap.

Our slumber suffered a rude intervention when, at its most intense, a message arrived from Dave and Ria enclosing a photograph of our boat taken from the bridge a dozen metres away.  Being not quite conscious, it slowly dawned that it was a little unlikely that the photo had been prepared earlier, yet not quite awake and unconvinced that we were not dreaming, we wondered if we’d slept until tomorrow.

There they stood, having apparently materialised on the bridge not thirty metres away, waving.  From our puzzled expressions  they could see they had absolutely no need to shout “surprise!” and it took a few hugs and kisses to convince us they really were there.  Faced with the prospect of continuing downstream, or spending the afternoon sitting in the shade with mates, perhaps with an idle stroll down town for a glimpse of what it has to offer, we could see the shadows of a new plan forming.

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