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Friday, July 12, 2019

While Rome burns (or the rest of France in this case).
Thursday 27th June - Pont Remy to Long

“It’s going to be hot” they said, and they were right apparently, as people baked and roads fried across Europe this week, everywhere but here it would seem. This time we have our timing exactly right, finding ourselves where the worst of the weather is not.

It’s warm, perhaps on the edge of uncomfortably so and the sun has a real bite to it, but we are well away from the horrifying heat being felt in most of the rest of Europe. 

We’re back in our little boghole too, with nothing to see that isn’t green, no breeze that hasn’t come from the sea, and no reason to do anything that involves working up a sweat.   Even if we wanted to (raise a sweat) that would be difficult because we have these high-tech sporty scarf things that make one feel cool even when one shouldn’t be. We just have to add water, which isn't too terribly hard to find.

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