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Friday, July 12, 2019

The case for the cabriolet.
Wednesday 26th June - Abbeville to Pont Remy

 Our roof is often the topic of curious and sometimes animated conversation.  In every crowd, whether we are in port or moving along a river somewhere, there is a person who has it nutted out, and stands to gather the attention of his mates, waving his arms in a particular arc in a manner that is clearly descriptive of how our entire roof is capable of sliding, to the endless fascination of all. 

We are not given to moving with it open, our years of indoctrination forcing us instinctively to hide from the sun, but on evenings such as the present after afternoon temperatures have hit "far from pleasant”, and the interiors of many of the more traditional style cruisers constructed of steel are doing fair imitations of slow cookers, it comes into its own.

Without wishing to gloat, let it just be said that it’s quite pleasant spending the evening cold drinks in hand, in the cool shade of a chateau or a ruin or in their absence a clump of trees, roof rolled back, the heat from the interior instantly dissipated while the the evening’s cool descends, taking the sting from the day in the nicest possible way.  

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Vallypee said...

Gloat on! Whether or not the prospect was planned, you can pretend it was :)

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