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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Not music to our ears
Friday 21st June - Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

The weather forecast for the rest of the country looks quite grim, with what may well be a spectacularly hot few days coming up, but here we are grateful to be zigzagging between the sunny bits, avoiding the shadows where the full impact of the wind’s chill could be discovered. 

It’s the longest day of the year today, “Music Festival” through all of France, the evening where everyone who has ever held an instrument comes into a park or street or restaurant near you with said instrument and plays until tomorrow. While poking through the back streets of the village we failed entirely to find a venue that looked promising which had both a place for us, and which was not too far from home.   We did however stumble upon a wonderful bakery with some amazing glossy dark brown balls simply labelled “TerriblĂ©ment Chocolat”, which of course is French for “Eat Me”.

There was a cafe barely half a kilometre from the boat we thought we’d try.  There, it appeared that the owner had been blackmailed into allowing a performance from perhaps the loudest and least talented band we have ever heard.   Even after returning to our boat, a distance most would have considered safe, the ill-timed cacophony with its entirely flat vocal accompaniment sounded something akin to what one might hear were one to put a car crash in a blender.

All was not lost. Once we were safe in the confines of our dinette, relaxing over a coffee and a book, we discovered that “Terribly Chocolate” can among other things, completely remove the pain of “Terrible Music”.

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