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Saturday, April 09, 2011


Without car, we had no excuse for not getting stuck into all the little jobs that need starting, but on a gloriously sunny spring Saturday it didn't take very long at all for us to work out that we don't actually need an excuse and in any case we are badly out of practice at this doing nothing caper.

So it was decided that with ice in the brand new fridge, even if it remains for now dependant on shore power, we would take our first tentative steps into sinking into a sensible routine for summer.

We weren't alone of course, with the advent of the weekend came a small number of boat owners each as intent as were we in making a dent in his own little list of "things to do". But the sun combines with water and boats to create some sort of sedative and it was not long before the sounds of scraping and cleaning were replaced by the sounds of reading or snoozing quietly in the shade, interspersed by the occasional click of a top being removed from a bottle.

Even those whose boats were still on their winter hardstand were undeterred.



Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm thrilled that life has slowed down enough for you to do regular posts. I just had to imagine what you were up to all through the Australian summer.

I am trying to learn about this slow down routine but find work keeps on getting in the way.

Julie said...

I am learning the SDR ... but it has taken nearly two weeks of being here ... off to a park today ... with two books and a baguette ... and water ... I have walked so far in two weeks that I have worn the rubber end off my walking stick ... lucky I bought a spare ... shall have to do more sitting than walking for the next two weeks.

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