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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watching Herbs Grow

If one were to be perturbed by plans going awry, I suspect one would be perturbed a good deal of the time on our little ship.

Plan "B", we thought, the one that had us leaving anyway and stacking the freezer full of frozen water and keeping things cool the old fashioned way, would be foolproof. That was to recap, until of course Mr Perkins decided he liked doing nothing just as much as we do.

We thought perhaps it was time to call on the long suffering Michel, but for once he is busy suffering on all manner of other craft and will be doing so for a week or two into the future it seems. Bill on the other hand, if he remembers, is due back on Thursday and although he does not yet know it, there is a special place in his heart reserved just for the cantankerous Mr P.

While we were watching the grass grow or actually, the roesemary, mint, oregano and sage through our aft cabin window, the rain began, the breeze picked up, and the temperature plummeted, and we congratulated ourselves on the wisdom of our decision to remain another day or three.



Ann said...

There are worse places to be stuck - an office for instance.

Gerry said...

Plants look very nice actually! Just like they do here at this very moment with same water effects!

Joan Elizabeth said...

That is the nature of spring ... very variable ... just like Mr Perkins.

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