Legends from our own lunchtimes

Monday, April 04, 2011

Perhaps it's the jetlag, coupled with the cleaning and moving-house lag, but we are distinctly confused by the impression that time has stood still in our absence.  Just as when we arrived home last year, we were uncertain of whether we had really been in Europe, now we can find no evidence that we ever left.

Strangely when we arrived in Luneville this afternoon, it too felt like home, even though we are as yet a day and thirty kilometres from the boat.  It was the  baguettes we were served at the two am "dinner" en route that triggered the feeling that not only were we back, but that nothing could possibly go wrong, and even if it did we had made no plans so how would we know?

In Paris despite our fuzziness, we fluked a succession of flawlessly timed transportation interchanges, which allowed us to avoid a three hour wait in a cosy cafe in Paris, and allowed a one hour wait in a cosy cafe in Nancy instead, and saw us arriving in Luneville exactly two hours before the car rental people were due back from lunch which as fate would have it, was where they were when last we dropped a car off to them.

Perhaps therein lies the clue that we have indeed been away.   Had we not, we would have planned for but one thing.

We would have planned NEVER to arrive ANYWHERE at lunch time, EVER.



Anonymous said...

Bon voyage. Al & L'elle.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Welcome of France. Looking forward to your adventures.

Julie said...

What's the book, Jo. I see grizzle-bum did not have a book. Hah!!

bitingmidge said...

A book? When there are all those flowers to see and all that hay fever to deal with? ;-)

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